Katheryn Stott Oil Paintings Art Artist


I have been investigating the light coming into the spaces of this world whether it be city, forest, or more intimate nooks in between. Because there is clearly much more in this world that we don’t see than what we do see I choose to be highly interpretive, bringing in both abstract elements and references that take the mind out of the allusion of depth to the awareness of other realities. Some people have told me that my paintings feel spiritual and that is an important part of what I want to communicate in my work. Why I want to paint about the light in this world is because it is the source of all beauty and happiness and by saying that I am talking about the Light of his world which is Jesus Christ as well as the physical and beautiful visual effects of the sunlight that he made to shine so abundantly on all of this world He created I want to try to communicate the feeling of things in this world that we don't see, almost secondary to what we do see.

I have been living in Pennsylvania for several years, in a very rural neighborhood with a wide lazy creek and lots of woods and farmlands. This setting has influenced many of my paintings….you will see there are many depicting water. I have found that trees and woods and reflections are fun to work with when looking for places to separate panels of color. Trees and woods are something that everyone can feel and relate to. Some of them are influenced more by the trees and landscape of the west, particularly in Utah where I lived until age 23 and have visited frequently over the years. I also have and will continue explore the lines and textures of towns, cities, and other settings while painting the light.

The following are a sampling of the paintings in this exploration I have done in the last 6 years. Many have found homes, but if you would like one that is no longer available I would enjoy doing another with similar colors and vibe, while still being its own separate and unique painting. I also have some work available at the Red Raven Art Company website, some of which is represented here. The Red Raven Art Company is my main gallery representation in Pennsylvania. It is located in Lancaster which is a city that has 3 art institutes and a wonderful creative art energy. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Pondering Subtle Changes

Philosophical Summer

The Yellow Warmth of October's Sun

Lingering Light

Backyard Quiet

Forest Parlor


Beyond Jordan 2

Beyond Jordan 4

By the Way

Way There

After a Rain

Noah's Promise

Blue Silk

Somewhere Silent Snow

Chair in the Snow

Late Autumn Quiet

Musical Sidewalk

The Gathering

Just Rest Here By My River

Rose Stained Memories

Inside the Heart

Juanita's House

Beyond Jordan 1

Beyond Jordan 3

A Certain Slant of Autumn Light

A Wood Wander

Somewhere Silent River

Jake's Meadow

Where the Frost Begins

Winter Watch

Watching the Color Change

Tiffany's Reflection

Light Within

Spirit of David

North Prince

Time and Time Again

The Old Sign

Sun Blown

Breaking Through



Indian Summer

Beyond Jordan

The Owl Paid Me Another Brief Visit

Light Breeze

Perhaps on a Frosty Morning

Pivitol Discovery

September Twilight

Spirit Meadow

In the Forest Parlor at Sunset

Just Before the Spring

Open Range

September Blue

Trail Split


One Soft Summer

Sentinel Watch

The Dance