Katheryn Stott Oil Paintings Art Artist


Here are just a few of the commissioned pieces I have done for family and friends, and some strangers, over the years. The first several are copies of paintings by a few well known (now dead) painters. That is always an academic exercise that I learn from. After the copies of paintings are several renderings from photos people gave me, that they wanted to have painted. There was a time when I was doing commissioned paintings for people for 10-15 hours a day, during the 90's, and I was not in the habit of taking pictures of the paintings. This is such a small fraction of the commissioned paintings I have done.

Life sized copy of Van Gogh's Potato Eaters for David

Another Van Gogh copy for David

Life sized copy of Minerva Teichert painting for David

Minerva Teichert copy for Sarah

Minerva Teichert copy for Sarah

Copy of Victorian era painting by James Jaques Joseph Tissot

Another Tissot copy

Another Tissot copy

One of the many paintings my dad has had me do. This one is of a favorite camp site at Cedar View Resevoir

Painting of the Lone Cypress for Jenie and Scott

Jenie and Scott's Wedding

Jesson Lake

Larkin Home...one of very many home paintings

Meadow by Lodge, for Spencer

Moose by Tamarack, for Hunter

Spirit Meadow for Laura

Sunset painting for Spencer and Jessica

'The Atonement', for David for

Maggie, for Tamara

A copy of a painting for spencer

From a photograph, commissioned by John Silcox

Another house painting with kids