Katheryn Stott Oil Paintings Art Artist

December 5, 2017

Starting my blog, on my website that Hunter made for me! Hunter is my oldest son of three awesome kids. Hunter is 23 and working on a double major and a minor at BYU. Dominique is 20 and going to school at UVU. Trevor is 15 and a sophomore in high school. They have been my biggest joy in life. They are incidently all three of them amazing writers....a lot better than I am. But I love words, and I love to talk about art and life which is why this website is going to be really fun for me....thank you Hunter! I'm super excited to blog. When I was a young girl I kept a daily journal, and I really enjoyed it. It helped me define myself. I'm afraid too many entries throughout my teenage years were about boys, but not all. I have some scattered writing over my adult years but, I believe there is something very valuable about a daily accounting. This blog is attached to my website which is about me as an artist, but my art is about my expression of life so I'm sure life will come into it.

A very fun blessing for me is my gallery representation in Lancaster Pennsylvania, with the Red Raven Art Company. What a fun art family and group of artists. Lancaster has a wonderful historical downtown with about as many galleries as one city can hold....literally dozens. Every First Friday it seems like everyone in the city is out to look at the new art for the month, and there is music and magic in the streets, and just a wonderful vibe. Red Raven Art Company is located on North Prince Street. It is run and owned by 5 member artists and they have several permanent visiting artists...I'm one of those. You can find me at the visiting artist section of there website. I participate in their group shows in December and January, an I have had 3 featured shows there in the past 6 years. In June of this year I will be showing on the highlight wall. Here is a link about on article written last month: http://lancasteronline.com/features/entertainment/get-ready-for-red-raven-s-annual-art-everyone-show/article_b8ba9616-ce1e-11e7-8c8b-2b32a7bcf021.html It was about the art 4 everyone wall they put up every Black Friday. What it is is a grid of 4x4 inch paintings. Here is a picture of this year's grid:

December 6, 2017

So to continue from where I left off yesterday I was showing you about this really fun tradition at the Red Raven Art Company. Most of us Red Raven artists did a dozen of this little 4x4 inch paintings. Little paintings are just really fun to do. Lee lovett, the manager at the gallery, who is also a visiting artist there, told me a few days after black Friday that they sold out completely. Everyone is building their own grid at home like that one. Its fun to look at. I could stand there in front of all those little paintings for over an hour, enjoying each one. So here is one of mine. Its on the wall...Its on the fourth row from the bottom. Its the one with the most glare on it, in the picture, but you can still see it enough to tell it's the same one. Five of mine are on the very bottom row, going from left to right, #2, 3, 6, 8, and 10. The rest are scattered around. But the fun thing is that all of the artists have a different vibe and these little paintings tend to be so simple and strait forward, and fun.

So I painted the little scene, right, all of it as one, with the same colors all the way across, in the grass, and sky, etc. And then I thought, how can I break up the space, and make it more interesting? How can I communicate something about something else true, besides the allusion of this little farmhouse in the world? So I glazed one half with yellow and the other half with red. Two very different directions in color. Amazing how different the one side feels than the other. I painted that a couple of months ago, and since then I have done that a few other times, split a painting from top to bottom somewhere, not necessarily in the middle, and made a sort of dichotomy with the colors. Its fun to do. probably because I always think analogous colors next to each other are just as delicious a thing as a thing can be.

August 16, 2018

I have had so much going on in my personal life for the past 7 months, my blogging fell by the wayside but I am starting again with new resolve. I have actually done a ton of painting, these last 6 months so I have a lot to blog about