Katheryn Stott Oil Paintings Art Artist


Some of my artistic investigation is about the light coming into the spaces of this world whether it be city, forest, or more intimate nooks in between. Because there is clearly much more in this world that we don’t see than what we do see I choose to be highly interpretive, bringing in both abstract elements and references that take the mind out of the allusion of depth to the awareness of other realities. I have been doing this mainly with oil paint, which I feel is justified not as a traditional material but as means to an end for the sake of communication. Just as a photograph does not communicate what the naked eye can, paint can communicate what is thought and felt, not just seen. I want to express the vibrations of this world in whatever means are most effective. I like other mediums and I have other projects and explorations I am working on. I love words and poetry and I have been collaborating with my poet sister on a project we call the Blue Nude Migration. I have many other explorations, some I have started and some that are still just ideas in my head which will hopefully make their way into reality. I only hope I can paint in heaven because I'm sure one lifetime is not long enough to express all there is I want to.